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Image(s) Angler Length Date Caught Notes
20130512_192053-thumb 20130512_192030-thumb  jed 13.5" (175.5 pts) May 13, 2013 Zoom-in
007-thumb 009-thumb 006-thumb eobasser 12.25" (159.25 pts) June 2, 2010 Cold springs crappie have been dinks for years but I heard there were nice ones this year. One shot of the evening scenery for you. Zoom-in
P5300147-thumb   Green Butt Skunked 11.25" (146.25 pts) May 30, 2008 Pulled a couple of Crappie's out of the wood pile accross from the launch, suprisingly this guy was pretty good size compared to the others. I share that spot as there were about a dozen folks fishing it when I left. Picture sux, but you can see the ruler at the bottom. Zoom-in
20160528_104751-thumb 20160528_104814-thumb 20160528_141233-thumb Nobaddays 11.25" (146.25 pts) May 28, 2016 Upgrade. Caught on a fly on Prineville Reservoir. Zoom-in
Img_4494-thumb   bsteves 10.75" (139.75 pts) October 12, 2008 Caught at Silver Lake WA on a small tube jig. Zoom-in
P6240025-thumb P6240024-thumb P6240022-thumb INSAYN 10.75" (139.75 pts) June 24, 2010 Hagg Lake finally gave up some Crappie. And yes I kept them little Yellow Perch in the last pic. It was like filet'n a goldfish, but I got some meat off of them! Zoom-in
Imgp1022-thumb Imgp1020-thumb  polepole 10.5" (136.5 pts) September 12, 2008 Caught on a salt and pepper crappie jig tipped with a worm. Zoom-in
Img_0432-thumb   The Nothing 10.5" (136.5 pts) June 8, 2010 lil upgrade Zoom-in
Img_0788-thumb Img_0790-thumb Img_0789-thumb Dark Tuna 10.5" (136.5 pts) April 7, 2016 Unexpected finding a Crappie in Beaver Lake (Sammamish, King Co). Caught at 40' in 50 FOW. Zoom-in
Black_crappie-thumb   Spot 10.25" (133.25 pts) July 5, 2008 One of hundreds of crappie caught on a 1/32nd pearl crappie jig. Zoom-in
20160502_153112-thumb 20160502_153116-thumb 20160502_175342-thumb Nobaddays 10.25" (133.25 pts) May 2, 2016 Prineville Reservoir Zoom-in
Imag0668-thumb Imag0667-thumb  jed 10.25" (133.25 pts) September 29, 2016 Zoom-in
10inch_crappie-thumb 10inch_crappie_tail_closeup-thumb Evening_catch2-thumb Noggin Yakker 10.0" (130.0 pts) July 5, 2009 Kept 5 nice nine to ten inch crappie Sunday evening before a thunder storm forced me off the water. Zoom-in
P9260631-thumb P9260630-thumb  Lee 10.0" (130.0 pts) September 26, 2010 CrapZilla! Zoom-in
20130525_133640-thumb   dan_b 10.0" (130.0 pts) May 25, 2013 Zoom-in
Dscn0949-thumb Dscn0948-thumb  eobasser 9.75" (126.75 pts) March 20, 2010 These guys made it hard to troll for trout. They would bite every time you went over a school. Too bad they weren't a little bigger. Zoom-in
Dsc_0261-thumb   Noggin Yakker 9.75" (126.75 pts) March 25, 2010 Caught this little guy at Lake Fernan, near CDL, ID. Plan on writing a trip report tonight. Zoom-in
Crappie-thumb   The Nothing 9.75" (126.75 pts) June 1, 2010 hagg. jig n bobber Zoom-in
Crappie_measured-thumb   akfishgrl 9.5" (123.5 pts) February 27, 2014 Caught my first crappie on Bryant lake in Snohomish Zoom-in
9   Spot 9.375" (121.875 pts) May 30, 2010 This little fattie inhaled a wacky rigged 1/2 earthworm. Zoom-in
Dscn0774-thumb   aytchr 9.375" (121.875 pts) August 24, 2013 Well, at least it's a new species for me. Caught it at the HOW Hagg Lake Event. Us Coonasses call them Sac-au-lait which is Cajun French for "Sack of Milk" due to their nice pale coloration. Used to catch them in the bayous. First one I've caught in the PNW. Zoom-in
Whitecrappie_aoty1-thumb Whitecrappie_aoty2-thumb  uplandsandpiper 9.0" (117.0 pts) October 9, 2014 Small upgrade Zoom-in
Blackcrappieaotyhicks-thumb   uplandsandpiper 8.75" (113.75 pts) March 12, 2014 Black Crappie Zoom-in
Aoty_-_panfish-thumb   Captain Redbeard 8.75" (113.75 pts) August 28, 2015 Zoom-in
Image-thumb   smokeyangler 8.75" (113.75 pts) May 14, 2016 I caught a 10 incher but forgot to take a picture. Zoom-in
P6040040-thumb   INSAYN 8.5" (110.5 pts) June 4, 2009 June 4th, Hagg Lake. Crappie, took a Powerbait yellow egg. Zoom-in
Fishingpicture132-1_1_-thumb   Jammer 8.25" (107.25 pts) August 30, 2010 Caught in the Willy right before dark Zoom-in
8inch_bluegill-thumb   Noggin Yakker 8.0" (104.0 pts) May 2, 2009 Nothing to brag about, but worth a few points nonetheless... Caught on a 1/32nd ounce marabou jig - red head, chartreuse body, white tail Zoom-in
P7276811-thumb   rawkfish 8.0" (104.0 pts) July 27, 2010 Zoom-in
Img_1733c1-thumb   Pelagic Paddler 8.0" (104.0 pts) September 2, 2010 Zoom-in
Img_1733c1-thumb   Pelagic Paddler 8.0" (104.0 pts) September 2, 2010 Zoom-in
P1010134-thumb P1010135-thumb  anastasiaborbon 8.0" (104.0 pts) April 26, 2015 Zoom-in
Img_20150524_171518764-thumb Img_20150524_171533398-thumb  yaktastic 8.0" (104.0 pts) May 24, 2015 Zoom-in
P4300493-thumb P4300490-thumb  INSAYN 7.75" (100.75 pts) April 30, 2010 Silly fish was out of water for over 2 hours, and I brought it back to life in my kitchen sink by running luke warm water through it's gills until he rebooted and the lights came back on. :-) Zoom-in
Dc_crappie-thumb   deepcolor 7.5" (97.5 pts) July 17, 2010 Night fishing Oswego Lake. Crappie jig with crappie "nipple". Zoom-in
20130511_182848-thumb   dan_b 7.5" (97.5 pts) May 12, 2013 Hopefully this picture is okay. Couldn't get him to close his mouth so I slid him over to play it safe. I need a smaller board to log my monsters! Zoom-in
100_1987-thumb   C_Run 7.5" (97.5 pts) September 14, 2016 Zoom-in
Img_20140706_132540_326-thumb Img_20140706_132551_984-thumb  yaktastic 7.25" (94.25 pts) July 6, 2014 Nice bull gill on a fly Zoom-in
P1000319-thumb Knife-thumb  steelheadr 7.0" (91.0 pts) July 28, 2008 Bluegill from Williamette River near Newberg on small floating Rapala minnow. Zoom-in
Aoty_7_inch_bluegill-thumb   ndogg 7.0" (91.0 pts) July 25, 2011 First time targeting bluegills in years Zoom-in
Dscf0023-thumb Dscf0020-thumb Dscf0022-thumb surf12foot 7.0" (91.0 pts) June 30, 2016 Zoom-in
Kayak_fishing_025-thumb   kykfshr 6.5" (84.5 pts) June 19, 2008 Got out for an evening paddle. Launched at Idylwoood beach park on Lake Sammamish. The plan was to catch a decent size panfish then switch over to bass. the best I could do was 6.5 inch bluegill. Zoom-in
Dc_bluegill-thumb   deepcolor 6.0" (78.0 pts) June 21, 2009 Hagg Lake on Father's day. Zoom-in
Imgp3909-thumb   bsteves 6.0" (78.0 pts) June 27, 2009 Pudding R. bluegill. Zoom-in
Dscn1482-thumb   revjcp 5.5" (71.5 pts) June 3, 2012 Don't judge me... Zoom-in
100_0075-thumb   jgrady 5.25" (68.25 pts) June 3, 2012 I think I've got the Smallest fish catching down.Now if I can only get a grown up I'll be doing good. HEY Revjcp ,see yours is Not smallest..LOL Zoom-in
2011-07-01_18-00-08_735-thumb   dan_b 5.0" (65.0 pts) July 1, 2011 First fish caught out of a kayak. Embarrassingly small, but I wanted to get some points :) Caught about a dozen more, and not one was any bigger :( Zoom-in
Taylor_4 Taylor_4  Snorlax 4.5" (58.5 pts) August 23, 2009 Caught trolling a small dunn Zoom-in
Img_4425b-thumb   bsteves 4.0" (52.0 pts) June 28, 2008 Henry Hagg Lake mini-bluegill. My entry for lowest scoring AOTY fish. Zoom-in

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