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Image(s) Angler Length Date Caught Notes
Steel_37 Steel_lap_dance_031713-thumb Wild_steel_031713-thumb yaktrap 37.0" (222.0 pts) March 17, 2013 No regrets on running the Sol Duc River in the rain, hail and high water on this day. Thank you St. Patrick. Zoom-in
Img_1060f1-thumb Img_1059f2-thumb  Pelagic Paddler 35.0" (210.0 pts) March 11, 2009 Clackamas River.. Bobber and Jig: pink and white 1/8 oz Beau Mack Pro jig Zoom-in
Steelie1-thumb Steelie2-thumb  Fungunnin 33.5" (201.0 pts) January 14, 2012 Zoom-in
Steel_33 Steel_33 Steel_tail_33 yaktrap 33.5" (201.0 pts) January 1, 2015 New Years Day Steelie, nice start to the year. Zoom-in
Steelie-thumb   'Yak Monkey 33.0" (198.0 pts) October 16, 2009 By far my best steely ever! I am lucky this one didn't toss the barbless hook! They were lovin' the silver Blue Fox that day. Zoom-in
20160831_135126-thumb 20160831_135150-thumb 20160831_135218-thumb Snopro 32.75" (196.5 pts) August 31, 2016 Zoom-in
Dsc_0184-thumb Dsc_0198-thumb Dsc_0195-thumb Noggin Yakker 32.5" (195.0 pts) October 30, 2010 It started pouring right after I netted this buck. After confirming that he was longer than the trough, making it pointless to take measurement photos, I put him on ice in the catch bag, and my camera went back into the dry bag. During the rest of the drift I picked up 3 more, all hens, including the one shown in image 3. Zoom-in
100_0787-thumb 100_0788-thumb 100_0789-thumb Lee 32.0" (192.0 pts) January 31, 2010 Zoom-in
Stl_1-thumb Stl_3-thumb Stl_4-thumb Merz 31.25" (187.5 pts) December 6, 2013 First steelhead Zoom-in
Steelhead1-1-thumb Steelhead1-2-thumb Steelhead1-3-thumb Merz 31.0" (186.0 pts) March 22, 2016 These guys are not easy to get from a kayak. Caught one last week and lost it out of the net before i could get a picture. End of the hawg trough is 31". Zoom-in
5 5 5 Doughboy 30.75" (184.5 pts) May 22, 2012 I was out in the Willy tonight and I was able to net another Steelhead, but I'll take it. This one a bit bigger than the last one and my wife made the photos to her standard. I am just the fisherman! These are the same fish, just different shots / angles Zoom-in
Summer_steel-thumb Summer_steel_01-thumb  kykfshr 30.25" (181.5 pts) August 2, 2009 Summer Steelhead Yum Zoom-in
Dsc_0838-thumb   Noggin Yakker 30.0" (180.0 pts) October 17, 2009 Landed this one right after releasing a nate that was 5 or 6 inches larger. While the nate was a speed demon and spent a lot of time airborne, this hatchery fish stayed deep and never jumped. Strong fish though! Report to follow within a couple days. Zoom-in
Fish_002-thumb Fish_004-thumb  eobasser 30.0" (180.0 pts) August 22, 2010 I was so excited about this fishes wild big brother I caught I almost cut him up without taking pictures. Zoom-in
20130805_144922-thumb 20130805_144728-thumb 20130805_091534-thumb Flyin Portagee 29.375" (176.25 pts) August 5, 2013 Gotta love summertime and my sexy white legs Zoom-in
Spot1-thumb Spot2-thumb Spot3-thumb Spot 28.625" (171.75 pts) March 1, 2009 North Coast River - jig and float. Zoom-in
Photo-thumb   Jammer 28.125" (168.75 pts) May 25, 2012 Zoom-in
Steelhead_01-thumb Steelhaed_03-thumb Stealhead_08-thumb kykfshr 28.0" (168.0 pts) February 19, 2009 North Coast Steelhead tricked with bobber and jig. Zoom-in
Steel_tail_2775-thumb 1-dsc_0035-thumb  ndogg 27.75" (166.5 pts) February 18, 2013 Jig n bobber on a bass rod above some rapids = fun. Really need to mark the lines on my trough. Zoom-in
001web-thumb   kykfshr 27.5" (165.0 pts) January 15, 2012 Zoom-in
27   Spot 27.125" (162.75 pts) July 21, 2012 Fresh Columbia River Summer Steelhead! Zoom-in
Dsc_0031-thumb 27inch_yak_in_bkgrnd_dsc_0036-thumb  Noggin Yakker 27.0" (162.0 pts) February 13, 2010 Not the 30+ incher I was hoping for, but this one filled my four fish limit so I'm not complaining! Zoom-in
124_0317-thumb 124_0310-thumb 124_0309-thumb Merz 27.0" (162.0 pts) March 18, 2015 Slight upgrade. Took this nasty guy to the bank for an easy picture, then let him swim away. Zoom-in
20131204_164240-thumb 20131204_164250-thumb 20131204_164246-thumb linglingherro 26.99" (161.94 pts) December 4, 2013 First kayak steelie on my first trip of the year. Caught on the third drift. Zoom-in
Imgp2404-thumb Bsteves1-thumb Bsteves2-thumb bsteves 26.75" (160.5 pts) March 1, 2009 North Coast Steel caught on a jig under a bobber. Zoom-in
Steel1-thumb Steel2-thumb Steel-thumb coosbayyaker 26.5" (159.0 pts) January 9, 2012 My first ever Oregon steelie!! Zoom-in
5-14-2012_steelhead-thumb 5142912_me_w_steelhead-thumb  Doughboy 26.5" (159.0 pts) May 14, 2012 Cauhgt by Geo. Roggers while trying to catch a springer. Thanks Ndog for the spinner pattern. Zoom-in
20150316_161218-thumb 20150316_1612182-thumb  Merz 26.5" (159.0 pts) March 16, 2015 first one of the year from the kayak. Zoom-in
Steelhead2012-thumb Steelheadtail2012-thumb  Jammer 26.0" (156.0 pts) February 3, 2012 Clackamas drifting eggs Zoom-in
1424669979989-thumb 1424669933670-thumb 1424670019931-thumb linglingherro 25.25" (151.5 pts) February 15, 2015 I watched an old man catch a fish from a guide boat in this spot. I went back a week later and caught a fish in the same spot. :) Zoom-in
Dscf0073-thumb Dscf0074-thumb Dscf0075-thumb surf12foot 24.75" (148.5 pts) February 24, 2016 Low/ clear water tactics. had to drop down to 6 pound test to make him take the fly. Zoom-in
Dscf0065-thumb Dscf0066-thumb Dscf0067-thumb surf12foot 24.75" (148.5 pts) March 1, 2017 Zoom-in
Dscn0902-thumb Dscn0905-thumb Dscn0908-thumb eobasser 24.0" (144.0 pts) November 24, 2009 He's ugly but he's clipped Zoom-in

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