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Data Charts for Dolly/Bull/Char

Dolly varden medium

Listing All Entries for Dolly/Bull/Char from Largest to Smallest

Angler Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Nobaddays 27.0 December 14, 2017 20171214 122909 resized thumb 20171214 122914 resized thumb  Show
Snopro 27.0 May 26, 2016 Full bull thumb Bull tail thumb  Five feet of 6lb mono hanging out of it's mouth. Clipped it off short. Show
Swat907 26.75 September 04, 2018 5b12c047 38ea 4547 b202 7050ecd61489 thumb 77424452 97c0 40fa bbee d51c6cd013e9 thumb  Show
Snopro 26.5 June 05, 2014 Full bull thumb Bull tail thumb  Show
Snopro 26.0 December 06, 2017 Bull full thumb Bull tail thumb  Show
Snopro 25.5 December 17, 2013 Gopr1954 thumb Gopr1954 1 thumb Gopr1954 2 thumb Trying to hold it's mouth shut ;) Show
Swat907 25.0 August 09, 2018 F4f7f26e b359 43cc aeb4 d20026efd888 thumb   Show
Nobaddays 25.0 January 16, 2018 20180119 192249 resized thumb   Show
Snopro 24.5 May 13, 2015 Bull full thumb Bull tail thumb  Show
Swat907 24.0 August 09, 2018 Ac06599b 40fa 418c a34a 79bc81d0fce3 thumb   Show
Snopro 24.0 April 04, 2013 Gopr1188 thumb   Show
DAngler 22.0 May 09, 2015 Full char 22in thumb All fishies thumb  Was catching koke's and trout for halibut bait, and then this happened! Show
Westslopecutt 19.0 August 27, 2016 Dolly thumb   Show