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Data Charts for Demonick


Listing All Accepted Entries for Demonick (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Lingcod thumbLingcod 29.25
(146.25 pts)
May 03, 2012 2012 05 03.aoty.ling.kayak thumb 2012 05 03.aoty.ling.measure thumb  Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 26.25
(131.25 pts)
May 22, 2011 Lingcod.26.25.inch.1024 thumb Lingcod.26.25.inch.measure.1024 thumb  Caught on a barbless hook. Replacement for previous larger Ling voided because it was caught on a barbed hook. Show
Walleye thumbWalleye 18.5
(138.75 pts)
May 16, 2010 P5150011.1024 thumb P5150013.1024 thumb  Moses Lake in about 12' of water, bottom bouncing a wedding ring tipped with Berkley worm. Show
Coho thumbCoho 22.75
(136.5 pts)
August 30, 2009 Pink.measure.tail.1024. thumb Pink.dove.1024 thumb Pink.measure.1024 thumb Pink. Richmond Beach. 4# even. Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 11.0
(88.0 pts)
May 09, 2009 01.trout.1024 thumb Tape.tale thumb  Still working on the process, so the picture is a little wonky. You can see the scale and if you count the marks can see the fish was at least 11". Show