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Data Charts for jgrady


Listing All Accepted Entries for jgrady (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 16.75
(159.125 pts)
March 22, 2016 100 0006 thumb 100 0005 thumb  This fish had a Payback in store for me.. It knocked my tape measure in the water.. Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 15.75
(126.0 pts)
February 11, 2016 2016 fish 061 thumb   Dare devil spoon, Show
Smallmouth bass thumbSmallmouth Bass 10.0
(100.0 pts)
May 29, 2013 Fort umpqua 014 thumb   little bump up Show
Cutthroat thumbCutthroat Trout 12.0
(102.0 pts)
May 25, 2013 12 inch 2013 trout 001 thumb 12 inch 2013 trout 004 thumb  I've gone back to using my Lil Blue Sink as it's easyer in small lakes and ponds and I don't lose as many Flopping fish during the photo's Show
Yellowperch thumbYellow Perch 7.25
(97.875 pts)
May 23, 2013 Lil fish 2013 007 thumb   Show
King thumbChinook 41.0
(205.0 pts)
September 13, 2012 Jeffs big fish 023 thumb Jeffs big fish 024 thumb  umpqua early morning tide change big hook bill red belly beasty Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 15.25
(122.0 pts)
June 24, 2012 15inblackfish thumb   Finally a fish UPGRADE Show
Panfish thumbPanfish 5.25
(73.5 pts)
June 03, 2012 100 0075 thumb   I think I've got the Smallest fish catching down.Now if I can only get a grown up I'll be doing good. HEY Revjcp ,see yours is Not smallest..LOL Show
Smallmouth bass thumbSmallmouth Bass 6.25
(62.5 pts)
June 03, 2012 100 0077 thumb   Realy? it was catch a little fish day.. Show
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 7.5
(71.25 pts)
April 30, 2012 100 0039 thumb   Try not to Laugh too Hard.. Show
Cutthroat thumbCutthroat Trout 12.75
(108.375 pts)
April 11, 2012    OK so I said I was going to stop using Lil Blue Yak But I fig one more trip,These were From Tahkenitch off 5 mile road..I was trying for Bass.. Show
Surfperch thumbSurf Perch 8.0
(104.0 pts)
March 24, 2012    I'll get a bigger one tomarrow ! Show
Greenling thumbGreenling 12.5
(137.5 pts)
March 23, 2012    oyster trangle lil fish. Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 14.75
(118.0 pts)
February 07, 2012    Got two at elbow lake this morning before the rain..14.75in and one a bit smaller.. Show