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Data Charts for RevoRoy


Listing All Accepted Entries for RevoRoy (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Vermillion thumbRockfish 20.75
(166.0 pts)
August 01, 2009 Photo048 thumb   in the rocks on a crank bait Show
Smallmouth bass thumbSmallmouth Bass 14.25
(142.5 pts)
July 27, 2009 Photo029 thumb Photo025 thumb  Umpqua river, on a fin-s no weight on surface.. Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 29.25
(146.25 pts)
June 02, 2009 Photo190 thumb Photo191 thumb  One fish all afternoon, dark water,overcast and wet. at Sunset Bay, 28 ft. deep on a green paddle tail swim bait Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 28.25
(141.25 pts)
April 21, 2009 Photo180 thumb   Sunset Bay on a Powerbait sandworm Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 20.0
(160.0 pts)
April 17, 2009 Photo162 thumb   Empire lower Lake,, on small Rapala,upgrade fish Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 18.25
(146.0 pts)
January 19, 2009 Photo104 thumb Photo108 thumb  Eel lake , nice hold over rainbow. Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 18.75
(150.0 pts)
January 13, 2009 Photo099 thumb Photo100 thumb  Put this one back on the kayak after i dumped it on the spit at Sunset Bay .. Dress for imersion,, Good day of fishing and catching to. Show