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Data Charts for INSAYN


Listing All Accepted Entries for INSAYN (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 12.0
(114.0 pts)
June 22, 2012    Hagg Lake, rainy day. From under the dock. Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 28.0
(140.0 pts)
June 16, 2012    Deducted the 1/2 inch as I couldn't get the damn mouth to stay shut for the picture! Show
Greenling thumbGreenling 15.25
(167.75 pts)
June 16, 2012    Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 18.5
(148.0 pts)
June 16, 2012    Show
Yellowperch thumbYellow Perch 10.25
(138.375 pts)
May 26, 2012    Show
Smallmouth bass thumbSmallmouth Bass 10.375
(103.75 pts)
May 26, 2012    Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 11.5
(92.0 pts)
April 27, 2012    Hagg Lake limit Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 26.75
(133.75 pts)
March 25, 2012    Great day on the water with lots of other NWKA members. Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 15.75
(126.0 pts)
March 25, 2012    Great day on the water with several NWKA friends. Show
Walleye thumbWalleye 19.0
(142.5 pts)
September 09, 2010    Columbia River, warm and glass flat! Very nice day on the water. Show
Flounder thumbFlounder 6.75
(54.0 pts)
September 02, 2010    Tiny Columbia River Halibut (Starry Flounder) caught in the river between the mouth of the Multnomah Channel Or, and the Mouth of the Lewis River Wa. Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 13.5
(108.0 pts)
August 15, 2010    Caught trolling a yellow Rooster tail tipped with a small Gulp Alive 1" worm at Eel lake (Oregon Coast). Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 17.25
(138.0 pts)
July 03, 2010    Sunset Bay AOTD Tourney Show
Panfish thumbPanfish 10.75
(150.5 pts)
June 24, 2010    Hagg Lake finally gave up some Crappie. And yes I kept them little Yellow Perch in the last pic. It was like filet'n a goldfish, but I got some meat off of them! Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 15.25
(122.0 pts)
June 19, 2010    My only catch during the 2010 ORC. Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 11.0
(88.0 pts)
April 30, 2010    The fish is actually 11", the head slid upwards on me and I lost ~1/8" in the pic. Kayak was sloped on the bank, and I was in a hurry to get out before they locked the gates. Too slow! Got locked in. :-) Show
Panfish thumbPanfish 7.75
(108.5 pts)
April 30, 2010    Silly fish was out of water for over 2 hours, and I brought it back to life in my kitchen sink by running luke warm water through it's gills until he rebooted and the lights came back on. :-) Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 10.125
(81.0 pts)
March 12, 2010    Cold wet day.... hail....wind.....and small ugly trout. Better than being at work! Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 10.125
(81.0 pts)
September 17, 2009    Beautiful morning on Hagg Lake. Light fog, no breeze, no rain. Perfect! Show
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 14.25
(135.375 pts)
September 15, 2009    Hagg Lake near the dam. Hit on a Yumm Crawfish. Show
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 10.65
(101.175 pts)
September 10, 2009    Hagg Lake, hit on a soft plastic rootbeer crawfish. Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 23.0
(115.0 pts)
July 16, 2009    Caught on a Gulp Alive 7" Rootbeer Swim Shad. Looks like he had a nice squid lunch working it's way down the hatch. Show
Panfish thumbPanfish 8.5
(119.0 pts)
June 04, 2009    June 4th, Hagg Lake. Crappie, took a Powerbait yellow egg. Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 20.75
(166.0 pts)
May 29, 2009 P5290090 thumb   Caught out by the rock at Cape Kiwanda. Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 14.5
(116.0 pts)
April 10, 2009    Caught next to Haystack in the kelp, near Cape Kiwanda. Yakintup witnessed my first ocean caught fish board a kayak. Show