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Data Charts for Lake Trout

Laketrout medium

Listing All Entries for Lake Trout from Largest to Smallest

Angler Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
BasinKayakGuy 37.0 January 15, 2018 20180114 112516 04 thumb 270 thumb Screenshot 20180122 075114 thumb new measuring board showed up the next day... but on this one I lifted the tail up and made sure I got the whole fish in the pic/upagainst the fence of the board in the photo... whatever deduction you guys see fit. Show
Snopro 36.5 December 13, 2017 Laker 1 full thumb Laker 1 tail thumb  Show
Snopro 36.25 April 29, 2015 Laker full thumb Laker tail thumb Laker brag thumb Where can I buy a 40" hawgtrough? This guy would have easily been 36.5. Show
Merz 36.0 July 07, 2014 Img 0429 thumb Img 0430 thumb Img 0431 thumb First time Mac fishing. Lots of action. Will definitely be back. Show
Snopro 35.25 May 01, 2014 Macmeasure thumb Mactail thumb  Show
Merz 35.0 July 15, 2017 Img953251 thumb Img953256 1 1 thumb  Show
Merz 33.5 September 19, 2015 Mac2 1 thumb Mac2 2 thumb  Show
Nobaddays 32.75 November 16, 2018 20181116 092222 thumb   Show
Snopro 32.25 October 26, 2013 Img 1973 1 thumb Img 1973 edited 1 1 thumb  Show
BasinKayakGuy 32.0 November 29, 2017 Received 10208120546930657 thumb Received 10208120547370668 thumb Received 10208120545970633 thumb a lil upgrade... trying to measure these fellas on the water and get them back in without hurting them is quite the chore. It was a great day... caught 6 lakers all over 10lbs and 5 over 32" this one was the biggest at 34" and 16lbs. (We agreed on a 2 inch deduction: measuring device over fish instead of flat, and measurement not clearly visible in whole-fish picture. I know it's hard with these big fish - sorry! We suggest a bigger measuring board. -admins) Show
jpodyssey 31.5 March 12, 2018 Img 20180312 124028978 thumb Img 20180312 124517022 hdr thumb Img 1019 thumb Coming Back from Lake Shasta, We decided to make a pit stop for some big Lakers. I hope to upgrade again, but i'm happy with this one for now. Show
Merz 31.0 June 26, 2016 Mac1 2 thumb Mac1 3 thumb Mac1 1 thumb Show
Jimbob45 31.0 September 14, 2018 399ef906 18ab 474c 8a53 4be9d353f0e1 thumb 1b37f8c6 a6b3 4e8a 8196 281e97338615 thumb  Didn’t have a tape so I just called it 30 inches even tho I am shorting myself at least an inch. Lesson learned. Show
Minnow Wrangler 31.0 July 08, 2012  Laker2 thumb  Hard to get a good picture since I wanted to release her. She was not very cooperative but took off like a rocket as soon as she was back in the water. Show
Castandblast 31.0 July 28, 2017 Img 7940 thumb Img 1716 thumb  Several inches beyond the end of my hog trough, so I'm hoping to get credit for 31" and catch him again with a longer measuring device on board! Show
Merz 30.25 June 20, 2015 Mac1 thumb Mac2 thumb Mac3 thumb Show
Snopro 30.01 May 31, 2013 Gopr1356 thumb   Show
polepole 30.0 May 31, 2008    9 pound 4 ounce Laker caught on a Kwikfish Show
Nobaddays 29.75 December 31, 2017 20171231 113335 resized thumb   Show
Snopro 29.0 May 09, 2017 Laker full thumb Laker tail thumb  Show
BasinKayakGuy 28.5 November 01, 2017 20171029 113248 thumb   Show
yaktrap 28.0 February 22, 2015 Mac on deck thumb Mac 28.0 022215 thumb Mac 28.0 tail 022215 thumb #8 FW took my dick nite spoon with 6 pound test at 20' in 325 fow, and they say Macs don't fight...try catching them on light trout gear. Show
uplandsandpiper 23.5 May 08, 2017 P5081624 thumb P5081625 thumb  Show
Westslopecutt 22.5 May 24, 2016 P1000493 thumb P1000494 thumb P1000492 thumb Show
onefish 21.75 November 03, 2016 Img 0909 thumb Img 0908 thumb Img 0903 thumb Show
uplandsandpiper 21.5 April 21, 2017 P4211536 thumb P4211537 thumb  Show
polepole 21.5 May 17, 2009 Sany0059 thumb Sany0060 thumb Sany0057 thumb K13 fickle pickle kwikfish, down 110' of the downrigger. Show
yaktastic 19.0 October 18, 2014 Img 20141018 144315113 thumb Img 20141018 144335582 thumb Img 20141018 112835723 hdr thumb Show
Pisco Sicko 18.75 November 26, 2010    Noggin Yakker had an easy launch in the snow at Lake Chelan, the day after Turkey Day. A bit chilly, but it was mostly glassy, so not too cold until the sun went behind the hills. Only one fish played with us, this little guy caught around 200' deep, off Wapato Pt. Show
Lee 18.5 September 25, 2010    New FF please Show
uplandsandpiper 18.5 May 15, 2014 Dscn0244 thumb Dscn0243 thumb  Not a big Mack but a happy meal. Admin note: Rule is round DOWN to the nearest 1/4 inch Show
Zee 16.5 June 14, 2009 Mack thumb   Only 1.5 hours of fishing before the weather kicked me out but got one. Show
Swat907 15.5 October 05, 2018 A3355145 e3ab 4652 a0f3 817c41562864 thumb   Show