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Data Charts for nangusdog


Listing All Accepted Entries for nangusdog (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Kokanee thumbKokanee 17.5
(192.5 pts)
October 13, 2014 175 thumb Tail thumb Big limit thumb Upgrade...personal best Kokanee x 5 Show
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 19.0
(180.5 pts)
October 10, 2014 P1020375 thumb P1020376 thumb  Early morning topwater action on Lake Sequalichew Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 34.5
(172.5 pts)
August 31, 2014 Ling1 thumb Ling tail thumb  Upgrade. Westport finger jetties Show
Greenling thumbGreenling 15.5
(170.5 pts)
August 31, 2014 Greenling thumb   Westport finger jetties Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 31.25
(156.25 pts)
May 16, 2014 Ling 31 thumb Ling tail thumb  Upgrade Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 21.0
(168.0 pts)
May 16, 2014 Rock fish 21 thumb   Upgrade Show
Greenling thumbGreenling 16.5
(181.5 pts)
May 16, 2014 Greenling 16.5 thumb   Show
Halibut thumbHalibut 44.0
(187.0 pts)
May 15, 2014 Halibut thumb Halibut tail thumb Halibut beach thumb Show
Flounder thumbFlounder 19.5
(156.0 pts)
May 03, 2014 P1020145 thumb P1020146 thumb  MA13 in front of Chambers Creek drop-shotting a white Gulp 3" swimming mullet Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 29.5
(147.5 pts)
April 17, 2014 Ling thumb Ling tail thumb  MA4 Makah Bay in awful conditions Show
Cabezon thumbCabezon 25.0
(200.0 pts)
April 17, 2014 Cab thumb Cab tail thumb  Upgrade Makah Bay in driving wind, rain and big swells...great fishing though Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 20.0
(160.0 pts)
April 02, 2014 P1020057 thumb   Upgrade La Push needles Show
Cabezon thumbCabezon 20.25
(162.0 pts)
March 22, 2014 Cabezon thumb   La Push...tough fishing in big swells Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 18.75
(150.0 pts)
March 22, 2014 Rockfish thumb   La Push...never worked so hard for so few fish. Tough conditions with Dirk1730, Ray Borbon and DAngler Show
Smallmouth bass thumbSmallmouth Bass 18.25
(182.5 pts)
February 15, 2014 18.5 smallmouth thumb P1010996 thumb P1010999 thumb Didn't fit on my small hawg trough (I was Kokanee fishing) had to bring it home for an official picture. Review notes: The third picture was used for approval, the measurement is 18.25 Show
Kokanee thumbKokanee 14.5
(159.5 pts)
February 01, 2014 P1010972 thumb   Upgrade Show
Yellowperch thumbYellow Perch 11.25
(151.875 pts)
January 26, 2014 P1010964 thumb   Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 18.0
(144.0 pts)
January 06, 2014 P1010889 thumb   La Push Show
Kokanee thumbKokanee 14.25
(156.75 pts)
January 02, 2014 American lake 14.25 thumb   American Lake Show
Kokanee thumbKokanee 13.25
(145.75 pts)
November 03, 2013 Kokanee thumb Kok tail thumb  slight upgrade Show
Chum thumbChum 34.25
(205.5 pts)
October 27, 2013 Chum thumb Chum tail thumb Chum i thumb Personal best Chum Salmon Show
Greenling thumbGreenling 17.125
(188.375 pts)
October 14, 2013 Greenling thumb Greenling tail thumb  Upgrade La Push Greenling Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 31.0
(155.0 pts)
October 12, 2013 Ling thumb Ling tail thumb  La Push Ling...last day of season. Show
Cabezon thumbCabezon 28.625
(229.0 pts)
October 12, 2013 Cab thumb Cab tail thumb Big cab thumb La Push Cabbie...fought like a freight train. Show
Pink thumbPink Salmon 27.375
(205.3125 pts)
August 30, 2013 Nisqually pink thumb Nisq pink tail thumb P1010375 thumb Floated the Nisqually with Wind&Emotion ...we both got several nice Pinks...He broke the world record then I broke it again minutes later! Big Pinks this year! Show
King thumbChinook 38.0
(190.0 pts)
August 21, 2013 P1010359 thumb P1010360 thumb P1010335 thumb This beast refused to come to the boat...20 minute fight with several spectacular jumps and more drag burning runs than I cared for. Glad I had my large net...which was too small! Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 29.5
(147.5 pts)
August 02, 2013 Ling thumb Ling tail thumb Ling cab pose ii thumb Upgrade Show
Cabezon thumbCabezon 26.75
(214.0 pts)
August 02, 2013 Cabby saurus thumb Cabby tail thumb Ling cab pose thumb Upgrade...this little piggy dwarfs the 29.5" Ling Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 19.5
(156.0 pts)
June 24, 2013 19.5 inch quillback rockfish thumb Quillback tail thumb  Show
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 13.5
(128.25 pts)
June 16, 2013 Lmb 13.5 thumb Lmb thumb  Upgrade...5" smaller than my first fish which was disqualified for mouth being ajar...tough lesson. Man it's hard to get a C&R LMB to keep his mouth closed for a picture!!! Show
Cutthroat thumbCutthroat Trout 15.25
(129.625 pts)
June 13, 2013 Cutty thumb Cutty throat thumb  Upgrade Show
Smallmouth bass thumbSmallmouth Bass 17.75
(177.5 pts)
June 01, 2013 Smb thumb   Show
Flounder thumbFlounder 22.0
(176.0 pts)
May 24, 2013 Starry thumb Starry tail thumb  Upgrade -South Sound Starry Flounder-saurus. Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 25.5
(127.5 pts)
May 11, 2013 Ling thumb Ling tail thumb  Minutes before my Turbo fin shaft snapped and cut my trip short Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 15.49
(123.92 pts)
April 25, 2013 Nawetzle rainbow thumb Tail thumb  Upgrade Show